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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 18 I Never Could Love Like That

Stefan and Caroline play on employees at bar, they try to scared him to death. Enzo takes Sarah to Stefan’s house, but he meets Lily instead, he remember her before. Seem Lily is the one who turn him.

In 1903, Enzo sicks he wants to get on ship to find doctor but its crew forbid him. He met Lily, he is turned by her on that ship. While he try to compel her to forget, she get chance to knock him down. She is on vervain from Matt’s suggestion.

Matt and Tyler met Stefan and Caroline, they are hostage by them. Damon takes Lily to see Stefan, she knows about his cure. He wants her not to tell anyone.

Enzo wakes up and found tied by Sarah, he tells his story with Lily. She tricks him to be a vampire. Finally he lets her goes.

Lily tells Damon after turn she has to get new family to make her forget them, now she has no feeling for them. Damon gives her the ascender, she agreed to help Stefan.

Caroline tricks Tyler to stab Matt, while they are playing with them. Damon and Lily shows up. Stefan remember her, Caroline feels something and run off. She tells him that she is a ripper too.

Apparently Lily tells Stefan what Damon plans for her, Stefan gets his humanity back. Damon tells him to get Caroline back.

Matt is taken to hospital, when Elena shows up to see him. He tells her that he hates Vampires. She is sad, she tells Damon about her feeling about kid.

Jo tells Damon and Elena about Ascender that he just give it to Lily, she tells them about witch that she turned to vampires. They are 6 of them.