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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 1 A Moveable Beast

One week after they open the door to Asgard, Wendy following something in wood. But she lost it.

Victor help Joanna for her treatment, but she is very painful. While Ingrid and Freya are working on memory potion, they need to know what happen so they can seal the portal.

Dash try to use magic, but it’s not work. He starts to see Gillian in his illusion, but seem his power is triggered by his emotion.

Now 4 of them cast memory spell to see what happen when they open the portal, they found the shadow through the portal.

At night in wood a man shows up, next day an injured man is taken to hospital. He tells the other about shadows chasing him in wood.

Victor tells Wendy that he knows the plant that may can help her, he will back in 3 days. Wendy thinks she might not make it.

Wendy use cards to check about Killian, she tells Freya that he still alive. At night while Ingrid is celebrate in bar she fell off, Dash shows up. They see him very bad aura, he get the call for his MRI result, they tell him that he has same brain as Ingrid.

At night Frederick shows up at the door, he is the man in the wood. He is her son, he tells them that he escapes from Asgard. Wendy doesn’t believe him, he once betrayed them to with their father.

When he found that she is sick because Argenteum, he tells her that he can help. He put her in to him instead, he tells them it can’t hurt him.

Freya found out that Dash has magic, she tells Wendy about him. She thinks after his mother die, their magic goes back.

At night Eva shows to see Killian, she is the one who found him and help him. At night Freya walks in the wood and found a man, he feeds on her.