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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 17 A Bird in a Gilded Cage

Enzo found that Stefan shutoff his humanity, he is lost what to do. Stefan comes back home and get the weapon out.

Jo tells Sarah that she is too drunk, Damon tells Elana that his mother alive. She thinks that they can use her to bring Stefan back.

Damon convinces Bonnie to help, she goes to see Kai and get the key. In return he wants to spent time with her.

Stefan tells Caroline that he will revenge her, they keep fighting each other. Kai and Bonnie take Elena and Damon to grab his mother.

Enzo convices Elaric to help him lock up Caroline and Stefan, Damon and Elena found Lily, his mother. They tells her about plan to get Stefan back, she agreed to help them. But they found out she has companions while she shows them.

While Stefan and Caroline are fighting, he notices Elaric and Enzo coming. They plant them the trap, Enzo help Elaric escape on time.

His mother tells them about her friend, she drink from them but enough not to kill them. They found the ascendant there, Damon tells her Bonnie is here not for it.

Bonnie lure Kai in the wood, she try to kill him. But he disappear, Caroline try to stop Stephan from kill Enzo and Elaric. But finally they makes love.

Damon and them tells his mother that they can’t bring them back too, she doesn’t agree and disappear. Damon now looking for her and drag her with him.

Bonnie left Kai there, he is disappoint. Enzo tells Sarah that he will stop playing her, he learned that she has no idea who she is.

Kai found companions of Lily, they start to attack him. Bonnie shows up at night, she gives him the cure of vampire which she get on the way for her magic. She tells him he can gives to Caroline, his mother or Elena.