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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 7 Lisa with an ‘S’

Tonight Homer and his friend has a poker night, but Homer lost. He has a problem now, his friend tells him about mortgage. But one of them tell him he should talks to winner, Laney.

He invited her over dinner, she found Lisa good in Jazz. She start to fond of Lisa, she tells them that if they give Lisa to be with her for month, she will give his debt.

But her parents upset on her, they tells her they will never give up their kid. But Lisa wants to go, she beg her parent. Marge finally agreed.

She takes Lisa with her to the broardway, she has so fun. Marge worried sick about her, she and her family are heading to New York to get her.

Lisa is going to has a performing on huge stage, she is very excite. But Laney suddenly become unconfident, Lisa try to cheer her up.

Marge and family arrives at show but all tickets are sold out, but Homer uses his tricks and get the tickets. People loves Lisa’s show, Marge and them feels happy for her.

Marge decides to let her go on tour for month, Laney sees Marge feels sad. She tells Lisa that she steals her scene. She doesn’t want her anymore, Lisa feels sad and go back to Marge.