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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16 The Downward Spiral

Caroline meets Liam while she drunk in the bar, she bite him. Stefan and Elena try to find Caroline but she get off everything from her room and her house.

Bonnie goes to see Elena, they are so happy. Kai found Damon is dig up his mother grave, he found that her mother is not dead and probably be a vampire like him.

Sarah try to get picture of Enzo, he shows up and join her table. Caroline shows up while Bonnie and Elena celebrate but seem she does not care.

She tells them that she feed on Liam but she didn’t kill them, she tells them do not try to switch her humanity back, she will become their nightmare.

Damon wants Kai to send him back, he wants to know why his mother is prison. In return Kai wants to see Bonnie and apologize her.

Caroline shows up while Enzo doing his plan, but instead she help. She invites him to her party. Stefan found from Liam about her party. he tells Elena about it.

Elena tells Stefan that they should no involve her, she seems has control but he won’t agree. He goes to see her and confess her, but she doesn’t care. She is upset him after he confess, she plans to get back to him though Sarah.

Damon shows up with Kai to see Bonnie, he wants to apologize her for what he did. She is upset at him and left. Caroline call Stefan and tells her about Sarah, she tells him that she is going to kill her. They rush to see her but she takes her with Liam, he is going to kill her.

Caroline tells Stefan that if he wants to safe Sarah, she wants him to off his humanity. He won’t, Elena goes to stop Liam but she can’t find her. Stefan gives up and turn off his humanity.

Kai tells Damon that his mother is a ripper, he is disappoint.