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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 6 Friend with Benefit

Santa helper eats all things that Homer’s children don’t want to eat, he become fat. Finally he dead

At school, children makes the club and invites other to join. Lisa has her magic club, there is one girl interested.

Homer tells his friend about chair he wanted, they suggest him about crowdfunds. Homer thinks it’s interesting. He did try to post his wanted, surprising people gives him money.

But after Homer gets his chair, he tells them about it. People who gives him money start to angry at him. They come to his house and burn his chair.

At night Lisa wants Homer to takes her to the concert which her dad’s friend gives them the tickets. He goes with her and get vip tickets. Apparently her friend’s dad is the owner of the stadium.

They also invites them to see the magic show, Lisa thinks her friend might after something. They also invited them to private island, they even stop school for them.

Her friend give Lisa new bike, but she refused her. Her friend starts to upset to her, they start to fight. Lisa tells them that they are not friend anymore, but her father friend tells Homer that they still can come even they fight.

Homer and family go there, Lisa and her friend back to friend. On lsland, Lisa fight with her friend again. She always wants her way, her father also tell Homer to tell Lisa to follow his daughter.

Homer decided to get up for Lisa, they leave the island.