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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 Let Her Go

Caraline found Damon try to write eulogy for Liz, she thinks she should also plan her funeral.

Bonnie just a back from getting magic rock, she has her magic now. In next eclipse, she will cast spell and goes back.

Kai shows up and goes to see Jo, he tells them he’s not so well after the wrong merged. He tells them as he is not so well, so she is. He tells them he is dying, he tells if he died so everyone in coven.

Stefan asks Damon about Caroline and him, he has no chance to talk to her yet. He warns him that do not hold her if he doesn’t but not today.

Jo checks Kai but she found nothing wrong medically, seem when he grab Jo and get magic. He feels better, he tells her to give him magic. Elaric thinks it’s not right, he explains to him if he died all coven died, prisoners that his coven hold will get out.

Bonnie is going to use her magic to get out, but she found the vibration of the ground. Then eclipse is gone. She thinks her world is dying.

Caroline and them are at Liz’s funeral. Damon tells them his eulogy for her, while Caroline sings song for her mother.

Bonnie found someone else in her world, she found a house and inside there is the book with full of writing. She found photos of Stefan and Damon inside.

Jo decides to give her magic to Kai, during transfer their magic. Bonnie feels again the vibration. She leaves the house and end up in the wood with eclipse. Bonnie rush to cast spell, while she is doing a mystery woman shows up.

Both of the back to the world, after done Kai tells Jo something. Elaric asks her what is it, she tells him that Kai tells her she is pregnant. Elaric tells her that he already plan to propose her and she said yes.

Caroline tells Elena that she wants to turn off her humanity, she is not agreed with her. Caroline killed her.

Damon found Bonnie in his house, she shows him the picture of mystery woman she found. He tells her she is his mother. Stefan goes to see Caroline but he found her missing.