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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 5 Treehouse of Horror XXVI

Bart get messages from Milhouse about Horror thing, he goes to see it at school. He found no one but Bob, he tells him he is the one who use Milhouse’s phone to text him. He shots him in heart, he takes his body back his house.

While he is celebrate, Homer shows up and asks him about Bart. He convinces him that he’s not suspect.

He decides to make Bart back, he success and then he try to kill him again, revive him again. After all night of satisfy, he left Bart there. Lisa and her dog found him in Bob’s basement. She get her parents to help him, they revive him.

Bob shows up with gun, Homer knocks him down and kill him. Bart asks his parent for his body, they OK. Bart revives Bob with different part of his body.

In past, town people talks about Abe. He always dump donuts into ocean. His grandson ask him why he did that, he said their family did this for years to prevent sea monster to get up and destroy their town. They also don’t believe him.

One day while he is making donuts he dead, so nobody put donuts in sea anymore. One day sea monster get out the sea. He starts to attack people and town, while it stumble at house. Homer fell off the stage, he’s back on stage and start it again.

After movie’s company see this movie, they agreed to remake it to make money. The movies is the same as old one, but movies is so bad. Company decides to dump it to sea, the containers wake up the monster under sea.

Lisa, Bart and Milhouse goes out to captured butterfly but instead they hunts an owls. Milhouse accidentally fell in the hole, they decide to go down to help him. They found the savage waste from plant there, one of the tank explode.

They wake up again on ground, they become has ability to move thing. Lisa tells Milhouse that they should not show their power. But both of them keep using wrong their power.

Before Milhouse gone more rouge, Maggie stop him. She also has a power.