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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14 Stay

In past┬áLiz gets the phone call report about accident on the bridge, she found only Elena survive. Today Liz packing up her thing, she found the file case of Elena’s parent.

Man from university comes to interview Elena about Jeremy’s applicant, but after so many question they give up. Damon compels him to accepts him.

While Matt, Elaric and Jeremy has farewell party for him, Enzo tells Matt that he send Sarah to Mystic Fall which he just see her now.

She tells him that the manager of the bar offer her the job by his reference, she thanks for that. He shows her around.

Caroline and Stephan are working on surprise place for Liz, she tells her she will tells her when done. Damon goes to see Liz, she tells him that she has unclose case.

He helps her clean it most of them are their act, then he see Elena’s case. She tells him that Elena’s mother called her before their car drove off the bridge.

Liz asks him why there accidentally there at the accident, Damon tells her that it’s their mother day. They found that her parents try to leave the town, they call Elena to asks about it.

Enzo shows up at Jeremy and threaten Matt to get bring Sarah to see them. Enzo lure them to the tunnel and he hit him with his car. Then he shows up and offer his help, he shows her who is him and help Matt.

Liz and Damon found that why Elena’s family takes that road and why they have their luggage it seems it’s all coincident. So their case is solved.

After Damon takes her to bed, she become in coma. Caroline following her to hospital, but she is not responding anymore. Stephan tells her she still can has final moment with her.

Apparently Elaric and Jeremy tricks them, he is going to be vampire hunter.