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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 4 Halloween of Horror

Homer prepare the Halloween theme at his house, he still missing one thing. They go to shopping for missing item.

But at shop, Homer makes Apu’s workers get fired. They tells him he will sorry for it. At night he takes his kids to Krusty Halloween park.

Lisa is scared, she tells Homer she wants to go home. But he convinces her to do it to the end. But Homer lost her in the park, she is alone and very scared. The park controller stop the show.

Next day Lisa tells Marge that she doesn’t want to do Halloween this year. Once she is at school, she still keeps scarily anything about Halloween. Marge comes to pick her back.

Marge tells Homer to stop the scheme this year for Lisa, at night she takes Bart out to another Halloween party. While Homer stays with Lisa, Apu’s workers shows up try to scared him.

Homer try to lock the house but he found they are already inside, Homer try to get her out the house but she forget something and go back.

They found them and run up to hide on attic, Marge try to get Bart Halloween but they are late they all close. Then they see grown up Halloween just started, they rush out.

Homer and Lisa try to signal and request help from neighbor, they success and polices captured them. Chief tells them about 99 cents store, when they get out they can work there.

Marge takes Bart back and see the Halloween costume at her house, she worry about Lisa. But Lisa seem cured from scare now.