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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 13 The Day I Tried to Live

They are going to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday, Caroline tells Stephan about Bonnie’s doll that she took it when young. She is going to get it back for her.

Kai shows up to Elena and Demon, he wants them to send his letter to Jo. He tells them since her merge with Luke, he feels sorry for him. Elena thinks may be he has something he can do for them. They wants him to help them send message to Bonnie.

Matt and Enzo goes to see Sarah, he tells Matt the Stephan tricks Demon about her. He wants him to do something, otherwise he will kill his mother.

Liv tells Tyler that she should make merge with Luke, now she doesn’t want to run out from Kai. Liv tells him to help her kill Kai. She found out that Kai is with Demon, she is going there. Tyler try to stop her but she knocks him down.

Matt goes to see Sarah and try to get to her, but he failed. Enzo shows up and give him another plan.

Kai use them to power his spell, after they open their eye, they see Bonnie but she can’t see them. They found out that Bonnie is going to kill herself, then all of them wake up back. Kai thinks his magic is not enough.

Kai think he can sent only 1 person to there, Jeremy volunteer. He thinks success or not he will be with her.

Sarah found Matt sit freezing waiting for bus, he tells her that his friend left him there. She shows him the way to the bus. Kai’s magic is works, Jeremy now can touch the things in Bonnie world.

But then Kai found out that he is dying, and losing all magic. Liv is there and killing him. She locked Elena and Damon in other room. Kai is hurt her back, while he is going to kill her. He can’t, she attacks him again. Jeremy hurts her and get him out.

Jeremy asks him to send him back, they see her start to kill her self. Stephan and Caroline found her bear.

Liv stills looking for Kai, Demon knocks her down and escape her spell. Jeremy following Bonnie and found she try to kill himself with car, but she changes her mind at the end. She try to stop car, but she can’t. Jeremy try to help her and success, she see him before he disappear.

Demon and Elena helps Kai and Jeremy back. He tells them she is going to be OK. Liv wakes up and found Tyler, he is very upset to her. He tells her how he rescue her from there. Now he doesn’t want to see her.

Enzo tells Matt that now he knows how is she, he is going to make her turn bad.