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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 3 Puffless

Marge wants her family to goes to her mother birthday, they go to her birthday for celebrate. Barns shows up to please her too.

While they looking the family photo, they ask what happen to their father. She tells them he died for lung cancer. Selma and Patty after found out they stop smoking but they also burn her house.

At night squirrel shows up and bring his friend play with Maggie. She has a good time with them.

Patty found that Selma sneak to smoke, she is angry and leave her. She comes to stay in Maggie’s room. At night her friends come for her help, one of her friend is captured.

She and her friends plan out to rescue him, Selma is miss Patty. She comes to apologize her.

Maggie and her friends gathering and attack the dog who guard her friend, she success get him out.

Selma and Patty goes back to smoke.