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The Witch (2015)

After William argue with the government for his mistake, as he won’t accept it. They banish him and his family out of the town.

After they found the place and settle near the wood, one day Samuel their youngest child is missing. His sister,Thomasin is following him into the wood. But she didn’t find him. Actually he is kidnapped by the witch, she cut and eat him.

Next day, William and her brother, Caleb go out to hunts but they miss it. They come back with disappointment.

One day Mercy one of her daughter tell Thomasin and Caleb about witch she claims she saw, Thomasin threatens her with story to scare her.

Few day later, Caleb and Thomasin decide to go in the wood to hunt by themselves, they found the same rabbit as that day. But after that Caleb and Thomasin lost in wood, Caleb found his dog is killed.

Thomasin after fell off the horse, she wakes up and found her father. He asks her where is Caleb, while Caleb found the witch’s house. She captured him.

That night William decides to find Caleb in wood, but his wife Katerine stop him. She wants him to get help from town instead of go alone. That night when Thomasin go out to take care their goat, she found Caleb outside. He is very weak and injured.

Next day while Thomasin treat their goat, it bleed out. Her brothers tells her parent that she is a witch, she is questioned by her parent. They won’t believe them, after that Caleb screams few time before he dead.

Katherine is upsets at Thomasin, but Thomasin tells William that her brother and sister make deal with devil. William is gone crazy, he locked down all his children with goat.

At night, Katherine see both Caleb and Samuel. While 3 kids see the witch sucking their goat. They scream out loud, while Katherine is attacked by crow.

Next day, William wakes up and found that all his goat are killed. He see Thomasin lie down, then he is attacked and killed by his other goat.

Katherine comes out and thinks that Thomasin is a witch, she starts to attack her. Thomasin accidentally kill her, she is freak out and pass out.

After wakes up, she decides to try to speak with their black goat. It responses back to her. It wants her to sign it book to exchange what she wants, after that she goes in the wood to join other witches.