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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 12 Prayer for the Dying

At night Caroline heard someone in her house, she found Colin the one she heals him with her blood at her door.

She called Stephan to help, he thought that she compel him. Stephan found that he is vampire now, seem after she gives blood to him he died.

Elena tells Demon to look out Kai, try not to kill him. Alaric goes to find out something to help them. Demon asks her out tonight.

Liv and Taylor are together, they plan on date. But then her father shows up, he is going to take them out to dinner. Tyler just aware that today is her birthday.

Stephan takes Colin to hospital to get help from Jo, they found that he is more ill. Look like the vampire blood kill him by spread out his cancer. Caroline and her mother shows up, she tells them Caroline give him her blood. Same thing will happen to her.

Jo remove her mother vampire blood out, may be it will help her stable. They have no idea what will happen.

Tyler tells Liv that he wants to be there with them, Luke and … thinks it’s a bad idea. They will try to convince old coven to use Kai and Jo not them.

Stephan and Caroline found that Colin try to kill himself, but he can’t die. He is upset and tells them to kill him. Demon shows up and killed him, he tells them the blood transfer doesn’t work.

Luke and Liv tells their father that they don’t want to merge, they tells him they can figure out to use Jo and Kai. But he thinks Kai is psyco, Jo will not win.

Demon found Tyler try to get Kai out, Demon tells him not on his watch. Then he realize something, Demon call Liv he wants to ask her father something.

Kai wakes up and try to use spell on Demon, he tells him while he sleep his magic is drain out. He tells him to help them on something for exchange of free him, they want him to get magic out from Liz.

Jo found out and upset, Demon explains her his plan. In exchange Kai wants to merge tonight, Kai get magic out of Liz. She feels better, but then her heart is failed and Kai disappear.

Kai shows up and kill Demon, he takes Jo out. But at night Liv’s father tricks them and make them merge. Tyler shows up and stop him, after that Luke get off. He said he will come back.

Kai try to force Jo to merge with him, but while they are doing Luke shows up and knock her down. He tells him that he will merge with him instead, after Jo wakes up and seem they are merging.

Liz is going to die, doctor try to help her but he can’t. Elena try to get her back, Caroline shows up with Stephan but she is late. While she is crying over her, she is back to live.

Demon found Jo and Luke, she tells him about the merging. Luke wakes up and died. Liv’s father tells her that Luke is merged with Kai but Kai won. He tells her to run with him but she won’t.