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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 2 Cue Detective

At school Seymore give students to see movie “Dr. Doolittle”, they all sleepy. After movie done, Nelson found that Bart has smell, they found Lisa also has smell.

Marge shows them their washer that full of mold, she decides to buy new wash machine. Homer goes out alone to buy it, but before he gets it. He smell the barbecue, he found the owner that willing to sell him the barbecue machine.

Homer bought it back home, Marge is upset on him for this. Homer grill the meat for them. They all forgive him, after that people in town keep coming to him for the barbecue.

One week later the famous chef shows up, he comes to challenge him for barbecue. While Homer prepare his food, he found out that his grill is missing.

He is sad and give up, Bart tells Lisa that they should find back his grill. They found the trace of it, they following the clue they found Nelson might leads to thief.

They following him and found him sell the grill to someone, they try to get it back but miss it. That man takes it out.

Marge tells them not to give up, she push them to the challenge with that tv chef. Marge is failed on cook, while they exam chef grill. Bart notices that he might use Homer’s grill. They arrest him.

While Bart and Lisa is wonder why chef cheat, they notice the one that stole their grill. They run after him, they catch him. He tells them he is chef’s son, he try to make him not busy on tv.

He returned their grill, Homer is so happy.