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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 1¬†Every Man’s Dream

Homer wakes up and found that the plant alarm is on, but he still keep sleeping while fire is on.

They send him to the hospital and didn’t wake up yet, he slap him wake up. He tells them Homer is sick of sleepness.

Since then he doesn’t do anything and use his sick as excuse, she asks him to get his medicine but he comes back failed.

Their therapist thinks their marriage is rot, she suggests them to divorce. They agreed and follow her advise.

Homer lefts them and stay at the plant, later Homer found that Marge is serious about divorce. He is sad, while he picks up his medicine. The pharmacy girl decides to go out with him…

Homer wakes up and found himself just commit the mistake to Marge, he try to call her but Selma tells him that Marge is on date.

Homer start to be with her, he tells his friend that she plans to get him see her father. But he found that her father date Marge, he propose her to marriage and she said yes.

Homer’s girlfriend also wants him to put ring on her, she tells him that she is pregnant. He scream out loud.

He wakes up and found that those are just dream, he tells her that he will change and improve himself… but he wakes up again with pharmacist. He thinks those are his dream too. He rush to his house and found Marge with new man.

Marge wakes up from Homer’s snore, seem these are her dream.