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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 2 And the Broken Staff

Flynn and Librarians plan to get Prospero, they tells them about broken staff. Flynn notices that he knows where is the staff and also Prospero.

Prospero shows up in library and found Jenkins, they captured him. Baird and Flynn go to the place he thinks staff is, they go to Shakespeare’s friend house.

They crack the password and lead to the staff, while at library the librarian found there is intruder because the library is locked down.

Moriarty found that Jenkins is one of the round table’s knight, he tells them he will not help them find their staff. Prospero tells him he wants the heart of library.

Flynn and Baird found the staff is back at library, while other librarians try to get back to library with back door.

Flynn and Baird get in Annex, they tells librarians about the staff while they tell them about Prospero break in. They open the door back to the library, Prospero freeze Jenkins.

Flynn and them found him, they break him out. He tells them about Prospero. Flynn asks him about elevator to the heart of library. Jenkins tells him about library that it’s has something missing.

Baird found the way to locate the heart too, Prospero found the elevator. Baird found the room that Prospero used to get in, she found blank book. Then they found Red queen from the book, while Flynn and Ezekiel found Frankenstein.

Both of their team get rid of them and find the way to the heart, Flynn and Baird takes the light to there.

Moriarty and Prospero also there, they are heading to it. Flynn and Baird spot them, Baird tricks them and stole their spike while Flynn distract Prospero.

Flynn use zeus’s lighting to destroy the tree. He is upset and leave, he tells them he will find another object. He tells Baird that he tricks him, but he doesn’t remember how important of destroyed tree.

Flynn decided to go after the missing artifacts, Baird tells him they need to secure the library.