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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 22 Mathlete’s Feat

Today Seymore takes kids to math contest, they have to challenge against rich boy team. They lose to them with zero score.

Lisa thinks they are lost because other school are rich everyone has tablet, judges heard her. They decide to give tablet to everyone in school.

They upgrade everything in school to digital, led screen, 3d printer, and servers. But since they used too much, server become overload. All devices are destroyed.

School back to no digit era, Lisa found that Wille knows some thing. They go to see Seymore and tells them that they don’t need technology to learn.

They are quite happy with their new education system, Homer and Marge found that there is parent night and they have to attend.

Homer found that school is good, he is happy about it. Seymore and Lisa want Willie to coach their math team, Willie found that Bart is also good with math. He select him as captain.

Now they have math rematch, this time fight is fierce. They finally get a tie, there is last question. Which Bart can answer it.

Springfield win the match.