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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 1 And the Drowned Book

8 months ago, someone from sherlock homles story is called out from the book. Today Jenkins found that thing get missing in library.

Flynn and Baird are go out to get the item from old temple, they success and back. Flynn found something in the clip book.

All of librarians get the same message, they all head back to the place at clip book. They are at the museum, each of them get different story but at same place. But they found the flood is coming, they can’t leave museum.

Flynn and Baird found James, he is the manager there. Cassandra found the sonar, and found something in the storm.

Flynn and James go to archive room to check the list of things that not belong to the ship. Then he notices that James is the book character, he thinks he is Sherlock holmes. They are going to open the mystery box, but James try to attack Flynn.

Baird shows up and help him, after check they thinks moraity try to gather all items to get magic. The janitor gather all pieces to open the mystery box.

Flynn thinks he is Prospero, he try to stop him. He wants to cast storm to rebirth, he open the portal and escapes with moraity.

They now found the bigger problem, the storm is going to hit city. Flynn thinks of plan to destroy it, they work together and it works.