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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 21 Bull-E

Seymore has a nice dream that Wille tells Seymore that he will goes back home, he gives him his replacement before left.

At school he announce to school that there is a school dance, Marge found out about it and exited. But Bart doesn’t like it, Homer tells him he will get more unlike event more in life.

Next night, at school the school dance is started. Bart is get bored and make the plank, but his plank destroy … ‘s machine. He punish him, then a nice girl shows up and asks him to dance. He goes with her for dance.

Finally he win the prize for good dance, he gives her the prize but when he gets out he is bullied. She dumps him after see him. Bart feels sad, after Marge knows about bullies she tells them she will change it.

At city meeting, Marge offer that they should punish the bullies. Then anti-bullies lay is pass. Next few days when bullies shows up at Bart and Milhouse, police shows up and arrest them.

At Krusty’s studio, why he is breaking one of his team phone. Polices shows up and arrest him. Homer call polices that Apu bully him by give him ice more than soda, they arrest him.

Police starts to arrest anyone, at night Ned’s son thinks that Homer is bully. Chief shows up and arrest him. They sent all bullies to prison with therapist.

He try to breaks everyone, now he asks Homer why he hate Flander. But his answer won’t satisfy him, finally he thinks because he’s better than him.

After they let them out, they become good man. Homer becomes the hero of city, Ned shows up to asks him sorry to him. He said sorry to him but he won’t forgive him.

Homer try to get forgiveness from him, but he stills doesn’t want to give him. He finally forgives him.