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The Flash Season 2 Episode 5 The Darkness and the Light

In earth 2, 8 years ago. Wells present his device that can detect the meta-human to the press. Flash shows up and tell them that Wells is the one who created meta-human and Zoom.

Barry takes well to STAR lab, he tells them he safe him last night. He tells him that he is here to help him stop Zoom, he is the one who created him.

Jo shows up and shoot at Wells, Barry stops him. He try to explains Jo, he goes to tell Iris about him.

Cisco sees the vision again, he tells Barry about it. He rush to the bank, but she escapes. Wells tells them she is dr. light, Jay shows up and start to argue with Wells.

Jay tells them she is not killer, they can talk with her. Barry goes to see her, when he see her face she panic and show her light. He can’t see anymore and she escapes.

Caitlin and Jay go to stakes out on Light, she knocks them down. She goes to see Linda, Jay try to stop her. But she escapes before she kill Iris’s boss.

Jay and Wells start to fight together, Barry stop them. Wells found they get the Light’s mask, he tells them Cisco can find her with his power. He tells them Cisco is meta-human.

Cisco uses his power and found her, she tells him she can free from Zoom if she killed Linda or him. Barry asks them how he defeats her, Wells tells him to create speed mirage. He did and works.

Barry agreed to use Wells’s plan to lure Zoom and get rid him, Jay disagreed and leave.