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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 20┬áLet’s Go Fly a Coot

Today is Miller’s birthday, Homer found that his party is over rate. Now all kids will wants the same like him.

Homer now try to stop all over rate kind party, one day men in suit come to see him about what he did. He tells him his children will ban from the present.

But he get chances to atone, he tells him to make the birthday party magical for Ned’s son. He throw the party at air plane museum.

Homer’s father war friends shows up, they found that Homer doesn’t take care him well. They plan to help him, they go to talk to Homer.

At party Bart meet Milhouse’s cousin, he hang out with her since then. She wants him to by e-cigaratte for her, he thinks also it’s cool and he wants one.

Homer’s father friends managed them to see movie together to make relationship. Marge found out that Bart is smoking, she tells Homer about him.

She tells them he did to impress the girl, Abe tells them story about him and Sunny the girl he liked. But she like his friend, he decided the protect him from death. He survive back to see Sunny again, she actually is Homer’s mother.

Bart thinks he understand Abe, he left to see her before she goes back home. Actually he wants to tells her how he hates her.