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The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 The Fury of Firestorm

Stein’s condition is worst, he changed to firestorm. Cisco be able to stabilize him for few days, Caitlin tells them he needs someone to merge with him. She tells them there are few candidates that compatible with him.

Barry takes Stein’s to see Jax, he doesn’t seem interest. Caitlin and Cisco talks to Henry, Barry and Stein back and see him. Seem they are happy with him and he is willing to merge with.

They try to merge Henry to Stein, but they are incompatible. Henry upset and leave, at night at Caitlin lab. They see Harrison well coming to steal something out. She tells them she see he is walking.

Jax shows up, they explain him what he has to make decision. He is freaks out and leave, Caitlin thinks she will go get Henry back.

At night Henry is upset and start to can’t control his body, they found next day that Henry is tempered.

Caitlin goes to see Jax, he tells him about Ronald. Henry shows up and attack Jax, he try to kidnapped Caitlin. Jax helps her escape, they rush back to lab.

Jax agreed to help Stein, they merged. Cisco found Henry is at the football field, Jax rush to there. They found that he is unstable if he has emotion, they try to taunt him. They success knock him down.

Before leave Stein tells Cisco to tells his friends about his ability. at night Flash is captured by shark man. Patty sees him and try to help, while he coming at her. Someone shots it down. He found that he is Well.