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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 19 The Kids Are All Fight

While in Moe’s bar, Homer found old film in his jacket. Moe is going to develop it for him. It’s his family photo, next day after done he gives it to them.

They are photo from 6 years ago, while Bart and Lisa are fighting all time. After look on picture, Marge ask why he doesn’t stop them.

Marge tells them what happen to them, 6 years ago where ever they go they keep fighting.

They try to find how to stop from fighting, they takes them to therapist. But it won’t help, one day Ned invites them to join the brunch while his grand mother will babysit their children.

His grand mother suddenly dead, Lisa and Bart run back to house. But Homer and Marge are make love, they are not hear them call door. The ices cream truck is near by, they rush to it.

Once they back to home, they found that they are missing. Bart is encounter the bullies, they are going to beat him. Lisa shows up and rescue him, they are heading to see their grand father. They keep wandering around.

Homer and Marge tried to find them, finally they found them but Homer lost them again. They finally throw back to their home.

They are happy now that Bart and Lisa get along.