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The Flash Season 2 Episode 3 Family of Rogues

Iris called Barry at night, she is gun down. He tells her to jump out of the window, he comes and get her and them.

They found the worm hole in the star lab, Barry try to get through but he can’t. They need to stabilize it first.

Francine, Iris’s mother shows up. She tells Joe that she wants to meets Iris, but he doesn’t agreed.

Sister Cold shows up, she tells them she needs help. She said her brothers are kidnapped, they agree to help her in return of Cold last time.

They found cold’s gun, Barry goes to see him and found him OK. He then hit him with cold gun freeze him stay, his father shows up.

Barry goes back to asks her about it, she tells them he will never works with him. She convinces them that something wrong with him. Barry goes to asks him but he won’t response, he tells him that he will stop them.

Joe tells Barry about Iris’s mother, he convinces him to tells Iris. At night Lewis briefs his plan for their work, but one of them say something wrong to Cold. He explode his head off.

Next day Barry, Joe and Patty goes to check. Barry thinks Lewis threaten Cold with Sister Cold’s life.

They check her and found there is a bomb in her, Joe tells a truth about her mother. Barry thinks thank his father threaten her life to force cold, he goes to see them  as disguise as criminal.

Lewis tells him to go now, they infiltrate in building. Once he open the safe for him, Lewis shots him. They go to get diamonds, Cisco is doing remove the bomb. Flash shows up to stop them, Lewis threaten Cold to shoot Flash. Cisco get bomb out from her, Flash tells him that she safe. Cold killed him.