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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 18 Peeping Mom

Marge found that Bart is captured by chief for drive the bulldozer and destroy few building. Chief decided to put Bart in Marge custody.

She try to find out why he is doing it, but he won’t say. She thinks that he lies, she tells him that she will keep an eye on him.

Next day Marge goes with Bart to school to watch him, she following him everywhere. Bart try to escapes from her, he goes to hide with Miller. But Marge still coming at him, he is sicks about it.

At night he sneaks out from house, but she still keeps coming at him. But finally she also tried of it, she tells him to go back home himself.

Ned’s new dog, Baz seems to like to be with Homer than him, he decided to give it to him. But Home found him sad, so he return him back.

Bart and Miller plan to plank on the mayor, Marge tells him when he try to hide his plan that she doesn’t care anymore.

Bart is going to execute his plank, but he reminds of Marge. He adapts his prank, she doesn’t mad at this time. He then confess about previous prank he did, they hug.