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The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Flash of Two Worlds

Jay tells him about breach between his world and their world, he tells them in his world he is the flash.

He tells them Zoom is the evil speeder, when he is going to kill him. The portal that they open shows up, he and Zoom are pull in their world. He lost his speed and can’t go back.

Tonight Zoom shows up and bring a man to central city, he tells him to kill the flash then he can go home.

Tonight Cisco found the fire in building, he call Barry to takes care. Flash goes there stop the fire, but he is attacked by meta-human. He found he is like sand and he is escapes.

Barry and Joe go to check the building again, Spivot officer shows up. She tells them that she is really impress him.

Jay tells them about Sand demon, he knows how to stop him but Barry doesn’t believe him.

Next day Joe found Sand demon, he is following him in. Spivot help him catch him, Joe try to questions him. But they found it’s not him, they release him.

At night Spivot are kidnapped by Sand demon, Barry has no choice but get Jay out. He tells them about how to defeats him, but they can’t find him.

Cisco uses his power to find her, he tells them about it. He tells them about trap too, Barry thinks they should draw his attention. He gives jay back the suit, they start their plans.

Barry rescues Spivot from the bomb, but Sand demon is going to kill Jay. Barry use his lightning from his speed to knock down him.

Jay tells Barry about Zoom, he wants to kill him to be only speeder in any world. Cisco tells Styne about his ability, he tells him do not tell everyone yet.

Styne and Cisco found out about breach, the biggest one is in STAR lab.