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Colonia (2015)

Lena is the hostage on the airline. She just arrived at Chile where there is a protest. Then she see Daniel, she gets down to see him.

After that they found that general Pinochet is take over, Daniel and her try to escape out. They see soldiers taken and kill the protester. He try to take the pictures, he is spot by them. Daniel is beaten by them, both of them are captured.

That night Daniel is point by witness, he is arrested and taken out. Next day Lena is released.

After wake up Daniel is tortured, Lena try to help him by goes to see the protester. But they refused to help him.

Lena going to see another person, he tells her about some group that can help her. But he warned her she might not get out alive.

Lena found the place, she meets Pius. She is scared but she can get in their group. At night she is forced to swallow some pill.

Pius takes Daniel to the doctor to fix him, she tells him he is damaged. Next day Lena is tortured by the group.

Pius makes his people thinks that he is the god, after that 37 days Daniel is changed to Hans and sent to work with smith. But Daniels is recovery he try to find the way out.

One night Doro is taken out, she is crying. Lena is following them to see what happen. She see Pius and Doro, seem what she accidentally tell Gisela. It makes them trouble. He forces her fiance to beat her, she also spot Daniel.

Pius spots someone peak at them, Lena running back to the dorm. Pius shows up but he doesn’t know who, so he beats Gisela instead.

Lena goes to see Ursel, she tells her what is she saw last night. She tells her about men gathering.

Next day Lena makes herself to the men gathering, so she can see Daniel. But that night Daniel hide and didn’t come to it. He try to escapes out. He tricked the alarm and get electric shock of fence. He help Lena from get beaten.

Daniel is sent to hospital, they think that he is crazy and run into the fence. Lena still stay in.

At the day of parade, Daniel and Lena see each other. They make the meeting to see each other at night.

Pius is selling weapon to the general at parade, he plans to demonstrate the weapon by do it on human to show him.

At night Daniel sneaks out to see Lena, that night they found the hidden tunnel. He found the way out of this place.

Next day Pius wants Lena to keep an eye on Ursel, he arranged her to get closed to her. Ursel tells Lena that Gisela is her mother.

Pius plans to use Daniel on weapon tested. Ursel found that Lena and Daniel know each other. Next night, Daniel tells Lena about escape. He thinks they have to leave tonight before they test it on him.

Daniel plans to take photo and stop Pius, then Gisela and Ursela shows up. Ursela tells her about what she knew about Daniel and her.

She asks her if she plans to escape, Ursela tells her about her pregnant. But Giselda found the photo from Daniel.

She is taken to question, Daniel shows up and put everything on blacksmith. Pius believes him, he released Lena out.

She takes the chance and knock down Giselda. Lena tells him that she wants to take Ursela out too. They head to her, while Pius and other are looking for them.

They running thought the tunnel, but they found the water at the end. He found the passage, under water. Ursel stucks underwater but Daniel rescue her.

They get out the tunnel into the wood outside the fence, But Ursel is get into the trap in wood. She is killed.

They escape to the city and get into the embassy. Daniel gives them the evidence, Lena managed to to get out the country. But they found that ambassador is working with Pius.

They sneak out before Pius and soldier shows up, but while they are running to plane. Pius and solider shows up. They are running to plane on time, Pius and them try to stop the plane.

They convinces the pilot to take off, he decides to help them and take off. After that all the evidences they found are publish and lead to stop them.