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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 17 Waiting for Duffman

It’s a bike day, people goes out with bike. Duffman is on the parade too, but he hurt his back when he dancing.

He is sent to hospital, but while he is healing there is no Duffman. The company make the advertise to find new one, Homer asks Marge about idea that he will be Duffman. She OK with it.

Company makes a shows to select new Duffman, Homer also is in the selection. He enters the 2 last choices, but he didn’t chosen. But they found out that other guy drink the competitor beers, they chose Homer again.

Marge tells company that she doesn’t sure Homer is in the right job, Homer found out that Duffman can’t drink. He put the chip in him to detect it, it will punish him.

Homer continue his job as Duffman, he has a lot of commercial. After Homer is the Duffman, company sales is higher than ever.

One day while he and Marge go on the date, he found what Duffman done. He thinks he just make a huge mistakes.

Next day Homer try to wake the people by gives them non alcoholic beers, people start angry and comes to him. Company tells him to drink beer to prove the angry people that he stills love beer.

He tells him there is no chip, Homer drinks it and become himself. Company get old Duffman back.