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The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 The Man Who Saved Central City

Barry and Joe go to check about victim at nuclear plant, but he thinks he just died because of normal cause.

Joe tells him that the city want to give him reward, but he doesn’t want. He tells Iris to convinces him. She try but he said he is not the one who save the city.

Today mayor opens the event about the flash, they want to thank him for what he did. He finally shows up.

While he is giving him a key to city, someone attack them. A man with iron mask shows up, Cisco try to use his weapon to stop him but instead it makes him bigger. Flash stop him and make him escape.

Joe remember he is a same man that they found the body at nuclear plant. After that Cisco goes to Caitlin to asks her to check.

Dr. Well’s lawyer shows up to Barry, he gives him last message from him along with all his property.

Barry found that his friends are gathering at STAR lab, they found where is him. Flash goes there alone and found him absorb nuclear radiation. He try to fight him but he is beaten, Cisco make alarm to decoy him and let Barry run out and pass out when he is at lab.

He wakes up and found Joe, he convinces him that he should let his friend help. Barry agreed, he goes to see Caitlin. She notices the video that Well gives to him, she tells him to watch it together.

In video, Wells confess that he did killed his mother. Now he can free his father, he tells all his friends now how they will stop him.

They suggest to give him more radiation, he lures him out. Barry lures him to nuclear plant, they trap him in radiation room. Before he died, Barry asks him why he wants to kill him, he said if he killed him. He will be taken to home, he tells him about Zoom.

Barry get his father out to home, after party he tells him that he needs to goes. City needs Flash.

Next day Jay shows up at start lab, he tells them his world is in danger.