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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 16 Sky Police

Chief just get ordered jet pack, he using it and become sky police. But instead he make chaos around the city.

Next days later, military general shows up and tells him the military jet pack is wrongly delivery here. He try to fly off, soldiers take him down.

The jet pack drop at church and burn it, Home’s family is going to church. They found that church is burned.

Reverend tells them they have no money to fix it, Marge and other try to fund to fix the church. Apu tells Marge how to raise the fund.

They tell them they will use casino black jack to get it, but the other against it. Reverend convinces them to agreed. Apu train them how to play black jack in casino.

They execute their plan and success. They get a lot of money, they are celebrating. At night Marge almost confess to Homer about casino.

Apu tells them now they have to wear disguise because casino are on them. Lisa and Bart found Marge on disguise and on the way to casino. They win against them, at night when Marge backs home.

She found Homer is captured by casino, he tells her that their children worried about her. They tell him about casino, he goes there to help her.

Marge asks help from Reverend but money is gone, she desperate and go to prey at casino. She makes casino’s activity stop, the owner decided to stop her by let Homer goes.