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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 10 And the Loom of Fate

Baird and them are in the ancient tomb, they are fighting with the mummies guard. Ezekiel and Cassandra trying to open the door. They come to there because of Flynn, now he is shows up.

He said he found the way to bring back the library. They think if they found the door in pyramid, they might found the library.

Their devices is works, but instead of open the door. They found it’s a trap of Dulaque, he shows up. He uses the blood of his men to open the path to the loom of fate.

Flynn and Baird following him, they found him cut the loom of fate. They found themselves in some place, they are hostages by gun man. Flynn doesn’t remember her.

Someone shows up and rescue them, it’s Stone. He tells her she is missing for 10 years, he sees she died. Flynn spots something in wood, they think they found teleporting stone.

Flynn and Baird shows up in Ezekiel’s lab, he tells him she also died. Now they are in ghost’s world. Flynn help him to get rid the ghost, then they feels that they are going to disappear

They show up in old factory, they see the dragon. Then they are captured by Cassandra’s men. She release her, he shows her the loom of fate. After check she found that they are lost. But Flynn convinces her not to gives up, she said toe fix the loom they need an ancient  thread.

Baird takes them the library, but they don’t find what she is looking for. Flynn thinks of way to fix the loom, Cassandra thinks it will work. But they need all librarians, she grabs all of them. Now they found Baird’s world, they take the thread and going to fix the loom.

Young Dulaque shows up and beat them, Dulaque stabbed Baird. Flynn upsets and fight with Dulaque. Jenkins shows up to help them, Flynn is fixing the loom.

He fixed it and now history is back, Flynn is become himself. He thinks of something to help her, Flynn uses the story book to open path to library.

Flynn goes to get the potion to help her, her wound gone. She and library is back. Later Flynn graduate them from librarians, they now can work on their own.