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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 15 The Princess Guide

Lisa asks Homer to take her with him to work for daughter work day, he takes her there but seem he knows nothing but how many type of cakes in cafeteria.

Barns tells his board that he has plan to help his plant, he is going to make a deal to another supplier at south pacific.

His supplier from Nigeria’s kingdom comes with his daughter, he wants Barns to assign someone to her and keep her safe. He choose Homer to do that.

Princess tells Homer she wants to go out, he takes her to Moe’s bar. But once he found out that she comes from Nigeria, he tells Homer about her spam email. He lose a lot of money to her. He is going to hit her, Homer tells him that he is her guardian.

Once he come back, she is gone. Homer asks the police and get arrest instead. Princess comes back to see Moe, she wants to talk with him. He tells her about the spam. After a talk she feels sleepy and sleep at there.

Lenny and Carl go to bail Homer out, they plan to use the duplicate. Next day Princess wants Moe to take her out to see city. They go out with scooter in the city, they have fun until Homer found them. He wants to takes her back to hotel.

They are run out from him, Princess tells him that she has fun when she kiss him good bye, paparazzi takes the shot. She is worried about her father, but too late he send the picture.

Before Princess’ father sign, Smither shows him the picture. He is upset, Princess explains him that she doesn’t love him. Homer talks to him and convinces him how to raise the daughter. He believes and agreed on contracts.