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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 9 And the City of Light

Victor is looking for strange light in wood, he starts to see something. He freaks out and run back to town to warn people. But they attack him.

At library they found about his news, Jenkins tells them it’s not UFO. They think it’s they go there to check.

They separate to check, Cassandra and Stone found Archivist. Baird and Ezekiel go to check where he is missing.

They found Victor, when he is going to attack Ezekiel, Baird knocks him down. But the lamp post nearby make her disappear.

They question Victor about what happen, he doesn’t remember. With Victor’s equipment they found something about light. Stone goes back to ask Archivist again, he ask her about lamp post.

He takes her to check the lamp, while they exam it. Baird shows up and disappear, she is upset them and leave.

Jenkins adjust Victor’s equipment, they go back. Stone goes to see Archivist, while Ezekiel and Cassandra use modified device to search Baird.

Baird tells Ezekiel to following her, he sees a lot like her in town. Stone found from Archivist that this town is built on old town which built by Tesla.

Ezekiel found that the light, they can possess people. One of them found him and tell her people. They start to chase after him.

He and Cassandra shows up to warn Stone about archivist, they finally knows the truth about this town. She tells them that Tesla made experiment on lamp post, but something wrong they trap people in inter dimension.

She tells them that they borrow people body just use for fix thing. She shows them their solution, she asks them to help.

They help them finish the solution, now they start it. Cassandra found that the machine will make all lamp blow for miles. She thinks they should shutdown it for other safety. One of them disagree, he lock her inside.

She send the Morse code out to them, she tells them what she found. They agree with her, they are going to stop it.

Archivist and Stones get in to override the stop, they stop it before explode. They get Baird back, but the old town still trapped.

Jenkins tells Baird that the librarians works for a long time, if they start now the next library will can help them.