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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 14 My Fare Lady

Today Marge and kids ask Homer to drive them to their activities, he rush to Moe. He tells her that he drunk enough and can’t drive.

Marge has no choice but do it by herself, Moe gets the tickets for show on Saturday but he has to take care bar. Homer volunteers to watch his bar for him.

On her way, Marge found the taxi driver. She thinks as she also driving all day, she should get something in return. He invited her to join, she agreed.

Lenny and Carl suggest Homer to make bar free for girl, man will buy beer for them and they will get money. A lot of girl are there to drink for free but no man.

Then the girl start to fight, Mole comes back with his new girl. He found his bar is trash, they tells him that at plant they have a new position. He get hired, one day he help Barns from inspector. Barns promote him to supervisor.

Marge just get her first job, her client loves her. But she is tried of her customers, the taxi starts to upset on her.

Moe as supervisor, he gives Homer and them more restricts. His friends start to avoid him, one night Moe call Marge service. She takes him to his bar, she tells him that both of them should quit their new job. Moe fixed his bar and his friend back to drink with him again.