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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 8 And the Heart of Darkness

In the wood, Baird and them found a girl. She said something horrible is happening in her house. They are there to find out about broken lay line magic, they need to put it back. Cassandra found it’s point to the same direction as girl’s house.

They enter the house, to set the anchor. They success to put the anchors, then they left. But that girl run back to house, while they are arguing.

They found someone upstairs, they go to check. They found rooms, they go check each room. But they found nothing, Baird call Jenkins about it. He said they are in haunted house.

He tells her that the house will feeds on victim and moved on, he said they have to find its dark heart and destroy it before midnight.

They goes out to find it, a girl tells them about the shadow man with hatchet. They start to see strange event, Baird tells Cassandra to get out. But they can’t the shadow man following them and destroy the car.

They run back in, try to block the door. Baird help them to, Stone get captured in the doll house like Ezekiel. Inside he discover something.

While Baird is blocking the shadow man, Cassandra takes a girl out. She found that a girl is not what she say. Cassandra runs back to Baird, she found she is drag out.

A girl tells her that her family killed a lot of people, they try to run before they found the house. The house gives her help, but she uses it for bad. A house try to warns people, but she stop it.

Cassandra wish to the house then she get weapons to fight her back, she destroy her. She wakes up and found the house spirit. It help them out.