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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 13 Walking Big & Tall

30 years ago at town meeting, the mayor gives them the town anthem. They continue to use this anthem until now.

Moe shows up and tell them that some town copy their song and use it. Town people are angry about it, Moe tells him there are several town use their song.

They asks the previous mayor, he tells them that he bought it from salesman. Lisa volunteers to write the song for them, she found out that Bart has gift about words. She convinces him to help her write the anthem.

After done, they show them their song. Town people loves it but Homer some how destroy their mood because of his fat.

Marge suggest him the clinic to help him, but he mistakes in the room of fat people who proud himself. Albert is the founder, he teach him to proud of his fat.

One night his people go out to disturb the city, they are captured in jail. Marge is going to bail him out but he has to choose, Homer choose his friends.

Later that few day, Albert died because he try to get up his scooter. Homer promises Marge that he will do diet without give up.