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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 7 And the Rule of Three

At library in the day off, all of them gathering at library. One of the book open itself it tells them there is a problem at science fair.

They go there, Lucinda is who managed the fair. They identify themselves as the librarian. They start to found something strange, a boy make his volcano erupts for real. They question him what happen.

He tells them that the boys before him can’t come with strange reason, so he can come in this fair.

Jenkins shows up in fair, he thinks this might be coven. He asks them to look for group of 3.Cassandra notices 3 of them, Ezekiel and Baird rush to stop them. They found a boy propose a girl for a prom.

The fair start to chaos with magic, they use Jenkins device and found the app on phone is magic.

Baird found that Lucinda is Authur’s sister, she was the powerful witch. She escapes, Baird and them go after her.

They found the thing they can stop her, Baird get Lucinda and hit her with her own magic. She tells her she can’t stop it too.

Baird leaves her and help other from her spell, Baird then found herself in some world. She meets Lucinda again, she tells her that she has enough power to hide now. She left her the message for Jenkins.