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The Originals Season 3 Episode 7 Out of the Easy

Freya try to use her spell to find Rebecca, Elijah tells Marcel to stop Davina from activate the weapon. Elijah goes to see Klaus, he found him with Aurora, she tells him she has Rebecca.

Klaus tells him about his plan which Elijah doesn’t believe much, he thinks they should try to break their alliance.

Triston goes to get Rebecca’s body but Aurora tells him she has another plan, she tells him that they should go to diner that Klaus’s family invited.

Marcel try to warn Davina about Strix but she won’t listen him, he goes to see Vincent to convince him to help talks with her.

At diner, they try to make them blame each other. They tell them they knows about Medallion, while Lucien tells them about Camille.

Vincent tricks Davina to confess what she did to another witch, now they are removed her from the regent and banish her from the witch.

Aurora tells them she put Rebecca at the bottom of the ocean, Freya is upset and break her neck. Klaus gets Triston to tortured and Elijah takes Lucien. Triston offered him that he should help them locked his family to keep them safe while he guard them.

Lucien try to make Elijah breaks from Klaus instead, Freya and Hayley work together to tortured Aurora. They tells them that Triston and Aurora get the coordinates that can find Rebecca.

Klaus killed Triston, he tells Aurora to get Rebecca’s back otherwise he will killed him. Aurora upsets and leave, Klaus tells Lucien to hand him back Camille and medallion.

Camille managed to escapes from Lucien’s man but she meets Aurora on the way out. Klaus is upset when he can’t find her.