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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 5 Thin Lizzie

A couple try to dare the ghost in haunted house, both of them are killed. Sam and Dean go to check at that house.

They stay in the room, Dean and Sam go around to check. Sam found the staff room, he gets in the room. He found the old storage, and found the EMF machine.

They discover that this house is fake tricks, they decided to get out. At night mother of the owner is axed.

Dean asks the police about man he found last night, they said he is harmless. They go to check him, but then they found another victim.

Dean found that man knows about the darkness, he tells him about night he met Amara. He tells him that Amara did something to him, he doesn’t feel love anymore.

They go to check the wife of victim last night, Dean check the basement and get ambush. Sam found the boy, and then they found their baby sitter.

She tells them how she meets Amara, she taken her soul too. She tells them she kill that couple because one of them is her ex. She kill the owner because she didn’t pay her for her works.

While she is going to kill them, Len shows up and killed her. Before die she tells them the darkness is coming.

Len tells them to kill him, he feels the urge inside of him. But they can’t, he thinks then he will turn himself so he can’t hurt anyone else.