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The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 Beautiful Mistake

After Rebecca finish called with Freya, Aya shows up to Rebecca and killed her, she backs to her body.

Freya backs to house and found it trash, she see that Elijah and Klaus just finish the fight. She found they are talking, they agreed to kill their first sire.

At night Camille is kidnapped by Lucien, next day Hayley found she is followed. She fight with him and she captured him to Marcel, she wonders why he following her. Marcel tells Elijah about him Shen Min, he tells him to kill him now.

Elijah tells Freya what he has done to Triston, he tells her that in past he compel them to be a decoy to his father instead of them. Freya notices something happen to Rebecca, they is going to called her.

Lucien captured Camille and the police, he also invited Vincent to join them later. He threaten her to find him dark object.

Aya shows up to see Rebecca, they are fighting. Aurora tells Klaus that she hate Elijah, she tells him that they were them. They run off from their father for 100 years, they are working together for long time.

Elijah and Frey are looking for Rebecca, she found her and shows up. She killed all of them in one instance. She tells her to run but she won’t, Elijah sees her and convince her.

Elijah goes to help Hayley and Marcel from Shen min, but too late he wakes up and start fight them. He is going to rip their hearts, Elijah shows up and stop him. He compelled to asks him, he tells them that she must died so they can hand over Davina.

They want her to activate weapon that can kill them, he killed himself before he tells him what is the weapon.

Camille found the medal that Lucien wants, he is so happy. Freya and Rebecca go to meet the witch that can help her revive Kol. Freya thinks it’s a trap, the witch and Aya shows up and dagger her.

Marcel and Freya found out about her, they tells Elijah and Klaus about her. Aurora tells him about weapon Surratera, they plan to lock 3 of them away so nobody can harm them. She tells him that she already sent her men to takes her body from her brother.