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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 4 Baby

Sam and Dean go to the case, sheriff found dead in the wood. They make one stop at night and going on, Sam wakes up and found his father drive the car.

He tells him the darkness is coming and only them can stop it, he wakes up. He tells Dean about the message he get. He doesn’t thinks it’s a vision.

They arrive at the town, Dean goes to check the wood where they found the body. He found the deputy is the monster. He cut his head and store in cooler.

Cass tells them about them they are ghoul like, they can killed with old penny. Sam called Dean that while he goes to check, he get jump.

Sam takes the woman that get attacked, she get chances and knock him down. She takes him to the place he cut off deputy.

She try to fix him back, he wakes up again and found Deputy and her. They tell him she killed her husband because he didn’t join them.

He tells him he needs the army to fight the darkness. He plans to turn Sam to his men, he get off the cuff and stop car.

He put the coin in his mouth and cut off his head. He and her now heads to help Sam and her kids. He found Sam and her kids are OK.