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The Originals Season 3 Episode 5┬áThe Axeman’s Letter

Klaus and Elijah found that Aurora is in town, she wants to see him. Elijah wants to tell him something about Aurora he saw in his vision but he doesn’t want to here.

Both of them go out in town to find her, Klaus found her. In past he used to tell him his secret, he doesn’t want Elijah to knows about. Davina asks Hayley and Jackson to guard her safety.

Elijah asks Triston about Aurora, he claims that he doesn’t know. Elijah thinks she already with Klaus.

Aurora asks him about Rebecca, he tells her that she is not here. In past she tricks Rebecca to turn her. She try to convinces him back with her, he tells her that she broke his heart. She tells him that because of Elijah, he compelled her to tells him the truth. And he also compelled her to broke his heart. She tells him that she saw Alexis’s┬ávision, and she is the one who kill Alexis. She tells him Elijah might be the one who kill him.

Elijah wants Marcel to check out Triston what is he hiding from him, Jackson found a young witch try to curse Davina. He takes him to her, instead of punish him she lets him goes.

Marcel tells Elijah about Triston, he thinks Triston and Lucien are working together for a whole time.

Klaus goes back to Elijah and fight with him.