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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 3 The Bad Seed

Rowena found that Crowley is not dead yet, she is so upset. Dean and Sam are talking about to get Metatron to help them about darkness.

Crowley send his demon to kill Rowena but they are failed, Sam and Dean try to find Metatron. Cass’s condition is worse, Sam found news about event about demon and Rowena.

Sam and Dean go to question the survivor witch, they tell her if they get Rowena. Crowley will not after her any more. She uses her spell to find Rowena.

Sam and Dean found her while she is escaping to airport. They captured her but she hide the book. Sam found that Cass is missing.

Dean found out about deal between Sam and Rowena, they following Cass and found him chasing a woman. Dean try to stop him, instead he change to beat him.

Sam and Rowena shows up, he forces her to fix him. She did and get chances to lock them up, she escapes.

Crowley found that Amara growth up again, she tells him she is hungry