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The Originals Season 3 Episode 4 A Walk on the Wild Side

Triston try to recruit Marcel, he invites him to his party at night. Hayley just learned about prophecy from them, she is going to see this witch.

Klaus wants to see Alexis again to see what is his threat, but Lucien found that she is gone. He thinks someone took her. They asks Freya to help them locate her.

Elijah takes Hayley to the strix party, Marcel also there. Aya tells him that Triston plans to use him as bridge between sire line. He found that Elijah and Hayley are there.

With Freya’s help, they found that Alexis is at Triston’s place. Klaus said that he has plan.

Triston announce the guest for Marcel, then he tells him there is a test. Someone steals his day ring. He has to find him and get it back. He tells him is he failed he will death, he has to fight a lot of them to find the ring.

Klaus and Lucien shows up there, Freya disguise to get Alexis out. But she tells her that she switch her side, she gives her the vision. She tells her that they will undo her, she is upset and knock her down.

Elijah tells Klaus to leave, he did. Triston tells Marcel that his time is out, Marcel tells him that he knows who takes it and where is it now. He tells him he has to take it back, his opponent is stronger than him. But with Hayley and his plan, after he tasted of his blood. he has wolf venom in his blood.

Marcel tells them that he knows that they wants his opponent die, he refused to kill him for them. Triston kill him instead, he tells him that he pass a test.

Marcel goes to ask cure from Klaus, he tells him he did this for him. Alexis wakes up and tells Lucien what she saw. She tells Hayley and Elijah to look in her vision.

But they found in her blood has poison, she dead before they see all through. Triston tells Elijah that Lucien is lie, he tells him that he wants proof.

It turns out that Aurora is the one who poison Alexis.