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Deadpool (2016)

Pool is in the cab, he distracted the driver about his life. He tells him that he is after someone who make him like this.

While Francis is meeting with his supplier, after that he heading to where Pool is waiting. He jumps down to one their car and knock them down.

He tells them he is looking for Francis, while he stop few of their cars. Deadpool is hit several times but he can cure himself. But after finish them, he didn’t find Francis.

2 years ago, Wade is in somone’s apartment, he helps some girl to fix her threat. He works as mercenaries for Margaret.

Wade was special forces, one night he met Vanessa. They fell in love and live together and finally marry.

One day they found that he has last stage cancer, Wade tells her that he wants to leave her, so she won’t see him die.

One day he meets with new guy, he offered him the job. He tells him that he can cure him, But Wade won’t believe and refuse him. But finally he decides to call that man.

Wade is sent to the lab, they make an experiment on people include of him. He met Francis there, He is the lead of the lab, they make experiment on people to make them has ability.

They inject something in him, after that they tortured him to make his ability activate. One day he put him in lowest O2 chamber, it turns him to monster.

Francis tells him that now his cancer is gone because of mutant cell, After that he managed to blow up their lab and escape from the container. He fights with Francis, but he is killed by Francis.

But later he is alive, he try to following Vanessa but on they way people has look at him as freak. His friend suggest him after see him to wear mask and go after Francis.

After that he goes after Francis’s men, until he found him.

Colossus sees the news about Deadpool in news, he and Negasonic heading to get him. Deadpool found Francis, he remembered him. Before he finish him, Colossus shows up to stop him. He wants him and Francis go back with him.

But while he try to convinces him, Francis escapes.Colossus try to take him back but Deadpool cut his hand out and escapes.

One day Francis goes to see Wade’s friends, they found out about Vanessa. After left his friend tell Wade about Francis, they rush to see her.

But too late, Francis already get her. Wade is upset and go after her. But first he goes to get help from Colossus,

They go to fight with his men, Wade fight with Francis, while Vanessa is lock in O2 chamber. While Wade is beat down, Vanessa gets out and try to help him. She is knock down by him, But Wade stand back and knock him down.

But Francis tells him that he can’t fix his face, Then before he killed him, Colossus try to convinces him to be a hero. But Wade still kills him.

He shows her his face, she still OK with it.