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The Originals Season 3 Episode 3 I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans

In past Lucien wants to run out with Aurora and him, but Klaus doesn’t agree because Klaus already with her. One night he see them together and he upset at them.

Triston and his guard found Lucien and Aurora, he captured him away. Elijah and Klaus plan to work together to check on Lucien, but they found he is questioned by police.

Jackson plan with Hayley to take times off and ask Frey for babysit. Marcel tells his men to not touch any people for while. Aya shows up and offer her plan, but he doesn’t want he is beaten up by her.

Lucien compel police to talks to Camille, he tells them that he is blamed to make Klaus misunderstand from one who hunt him.

Klaus and Elijah found from Lucien’s witch that Lucien might try to lay hand on Camille and Marcel, they go to check them.

Elijah found that vampires are beaten by a woman. He found that she is vampire that sire by him.

Klaus shows up and stop Lucien and Camille, he tells him about Triston. Aya tells Marcel about the Stryx, Elijah shows up while he is killing her. Triston shows up, he tells him about larger issue he has. He tells him Lucien, Klaus’s sire line and him who is his Sire has a war fight. He wants to kill him, he tells him Klaus will kill him.

Elijah tells Klaus about what he hear from Triston, they are deciding what to do. Aurora escapes from her captive.