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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 2 Form and Void

Dean takes the baby Amara and Jenna to her parent’s house. Dean leaves her back to Sam, Amara already has power.

Sam captured one of infected, he found that the time he has left can’t calculated. He said at the end they will dead.

Jenna found something wrong with Amara, she saw her use the power. He rush back to her.

Cass is tortured by his brothers, they want to know where is Metatron. While Sam is looking for cure, he meets the reaper. She is collecting the soul.

She warns him that if they are dead, they will end up in the nothing. They will can’t get back from it.

Hannah shows up and stop them from tortured Cass, she tells him there is something terrible happen. She tells him about Alarm, Cass tells her it’s for darkness.

Sam is desperate, he goes to the chapel to make confession. But he get nothing, Dean found from Jenna that her grandmother call priest to exorcist the baby. He found Crowley instead.

Amara controls Jenna and make her kill her, Dean and Crowley get in to help. Cass breaks out the captured when he see them hurt Hannah, but she is killed. He upsets and kill them all.

Sam is going to died, he then thinks about how to purify the darkness with holy oil and fire. It works, he removed the darkness. He uses it to help other too.

Dean found Jenna, Crowley tells him that Amara ate her soul. Crowley tells him he will killed her, while Dean try to stop. Crowley beats him, but he forces him stay back.

He goes to check Amara but she is missing. He goes back the their place and tell Sam about her. Then they notices someone with them, they found Cass.

Crowley found Amara, he give her some people.