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The Originals Season 3 Episode 2 You Hung the Moon

Elijah stills looking for Hayley in wood, but he found Jackson instead. Davina tells Hayley about witch she wants to be dead. In exchange she will find the way to break her curse.

Elijah and Jackson go to see Klaus about Lucien, he seems doesn’t care about Hayley. Elijah warns him that one day Hope will knows and if what happen to Hayley, she will leaves him for good.

Camille shows Klaus the victim, she thinks it’s Lucien he agreed. Elijah and Jackson go to see Lucien, he admits that he is the one who send hunter to there.

They beat him while Jackson bite him, Elijah tells him to invite him or die. Lucien tells Elijah about his family’s threat but seem he doesn’t care. Hayley goes to kill that witch, but then she is surround and captured by witches.

Next day, Marcel shows Davina that few vampires are burned to ash. Klaus called to warn Lucien about killing.

Hayley comes to see Klaus, she try to punish him for what he did to her pack. Then she see Hope, she wants to take her out. But Klaus doesn’t allow, Elijah propose them to stay at the opposite apartment.

Marcel found that Davina is the one who kill all witches to make her people fear and want her protection. But one of the victim son thinks it’s her doing, he tells her that she will undo her.

Freya help them check what the Lucien’s witch tells is true, she checked up and found it’s true. They will all died, one by foe, one by friend and one by family.

Triston tells Aurora that she stills need to lock up here until she is better. He sedate her down, he lefts the message for her that he will bring gift back from New Orleans.