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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 1 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Sam wakes up and found Dean is missing during the darkness attack, he found Dean not far from there.

Dean remembers that he saw a woman during attack, he tells Sam that the darkness safe him. He said she thanks to let her free.

Cass remembered that Crowley escapes and alive, he still not has control of his body. Dean and Sam found the cars abandon ahead, they notice a man coming at them.

Woman officer shows up and kill him, she asks them to show their throat. She found they are not them, she tells them what happen. They take her to hospital, they found a lot of body.

Sam checks around while Dean help her up, he see one of them banging at door. But then he is dead, Sam found a father with baby. They found that he is infected, he asks to takes care his baby and left. They found that they are surrounded by them.

Crowley possess in a woman, he found a weird family. Cass asks helps from his brother and sister to prevent him from doing worse.

Cass called them about Rowena and the book, they ask him about the darkness. But before he said anything, he meets his brothers.

Sam convinces Dean to save them without killed them, he decoys them he is ambush by one of them. He is also infected.

Crowley gets back to his body, one of his men tells him about the darkness. He doesn’t believes it.

The baby that woman officer get out has also mark of cain, like the darkness Dean met.